• Valley of the Moon   Gold Moon Body Nectar

Valley of the Moon Gold Moon Body Nectar




Gold Moon Body Nectar  2oz... Valley of the Moon Blend  


Gold Moon Body Nectar envelopes you in the dreamy essence of Mother Nature from the Ojai Valley. Containing fixed oils of jojoba, sunflower seed, avocado, grape seed, + grapefruit seed, this potion delivers you tons of vitamins + antioxidants to help regenerate skin cells + provide rich hydration for the entire day. Gold Moon Nectar is potentized with the use of ormus, the element of gold, that restores the body on a deep cellular level, making all that it is alchemized with it bioavailable for a potent + pure body nectar.



  • Body oils, as opposed to lotions, do not contain a water barrier, which allows them to penetrate the skin deeper + faster.
  • Makes a great massage oil that will cleanse, purify, + invigorate your being on both a physical + energetic level.
  • Ormus, the element of gold that is bioavailable to the body, brings a potency to all of the ingredients, increases metabolic rate + cellular rejuvenation, + accelerates the healing process of skin disorders.
  • This nurturing + clarifying Valley of the Moon essential oil blend transports you into a dreamy meditative state that allows tension and stagnant energy to dissolve, mood to lift, + mind to clear, as if you spent a night with the forces of mother nature under the moon.
  • An excellent choice for any rituals that include the cycles of the moon + mediation, for a deep connection to yourself and the forces of mother nature +father cosmos.


Walk between worlds through the Valley of the Moon. This enchanting essential oil blend will bring you back to the magic of Mother Nature that dwells in the Ojai Valley, known by the Chumash Native Americans as Valley of the Moon.



Organic Ormus Oil: the element of gold that is bioavailable to the body, brings energy + vitality to the cells, anti-aging characteristics, increases metabolic rate + cellular rejuvenation, accelerates healing process of skin disorders. You will find Ormus in advanced civilizations such as the golden era of Egypt, and even the Mayans in the life of Jesus. It has long been considered the Holy Grail +/or the philosophers stone; it’s benefits are numerous.

Organic Jojoba Oil: similar to our own sebum which attracts moisture to skin + absorbs in easily, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, firming, rich in antioxidants that help regenerate the skin cells, helps control oily skin

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil: antioxidant rich, softens + smoothes the skin, hydrating, rich in Vitamin E which improves skin health + regenerates cells

Organic Avocado Oil: enhances the skin’s ability to generate collagen, moisturizes the skin, helpful in healing eczema + psoriasis, antioxidant + vitamin rich, penetrates skin deeply, plumps fine lines

Organic Grape Seed Oil: strengthens the cell membranes + improves overall quality of your skin, its antioxidant characteristic prevents the pores from clogging + prevents breakouts, anti-inflammatory, tightens the skin

Organic Grapefruit Seed Oil: nourishes + protects skin, rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, + E, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, super cleansing

Neroli EO: Neroli opens + balances the female and male aspects of the heart, bringing feelings of security, protection, + an intense feeling of being loved to all aspects of self. Its essence is very nurturing.

Organic Lavender EO: the magic of lavender being an adaptogen is it knows when to calm and when to uplift. The tension ebbs away and greater spiritual energy courses through all the subtle bodies enabling greater aspects of self to manifest into reality. It helps relax the body + adapt to stress, relaxes muscle tension, regenerates skin cells, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, calms the nervous system, helps fight acne + skin irritation, improves blood circulation, an excellent EO for the sensitive skin.

Chamomile EO: instills the wisdom of peace, calms the conscious mind + overcomes the need to be in control, allowing greater receptivity of intuitive messages, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, helps remove toxins which helps with acne + evening skin tones, has skin repairing, regenerating, + strengthening properties, calms the nervous system while calming the heat of rosacea

Organic Bergamot EO: Bergamot helps the personality surrender its need to be in control. It allows the Soul to infuse with the personality + helps release fear + trauma from the cellular memory of the physical body. Bergamot cools excessive heat in the body + rejuvenates physical body cells by releasing tension, joint, + muscle pain.

Oak Moss EO: anti-inflammatory, soothes the skin + keeps it smooth and soft by maintaining moisture, quickens healing processes and helps restore cells, tissues, muscles, + organs to a healthy state. It helps stabilize + preserve your body strength.

Organic Sage EO: Traditionally Native Americans used sage in purification rituals. Sage strengthens communication with the Unseen Realm + its energy is a mirror for truthfully looking at ourselves through introspection. Sage helps release energy blockages + increases circulation.

Organic Sweet Orange EO: Cleanses the aura of density + negative thought forms, can aid in dream therapy by stimulating the astral body, which can provide answers to many unknown fears and tensions. It is detoxifying, uplifting, has worry-reducing properties, antispasmodic (relaxes muscular + nervous spasms), + anti-inflammatory.

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