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than I ever have ... Joel Stein  TIME
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  • Holistic Facial Rejuvenation
  • Organic Acne Treatment
  • A Whole body Healing via the Face
  • Stimulates the growth of collagen
  • Relieves Muscle Tension and Emotions stored in the Face
  • Brings Vitality, Glow and a Pranic infusion to your Skin and Entire Being
  • A release of blockages from Meridians and Chakras in the face and the body

Leave Feeling Lovely and Lighter!
  • Ormus Gold Botanical Beauty Blends  
  • Organic​ Botanical extracts, Herbal oils, 
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential oils
  • Probiotic Life Giving Elixirs Add Life to Your Skin  
  • 100% Active Ingredients from Magical Mother Nature
  • Handcrafted Luxury...No Water...No Icky Stuff 
  • Potent ...Pure ...Plant based
  • The Energetics of Skin Care, Giving Vitality to your Skin 
  • and entire sense of well being 
  • Treatment Oriented, Anti-AgingAnti-Acne, Rosacea  

Look Good!...Feel Good!...Do Good!
"you can feel the love and the ancient alchemy narayan brings to these potent and pure botanical beauty blends!"
                                   kim...los angeles
for the super natural beauty of you!
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Love Yourself Potion #3
the most loving thing one can do for ones self and the 
planet is to feel love for your self

Narayans has blended up, alchemized and filled a bottle with a warm blanket of love...a body and massage oil that will sooth your body and soul and stimuate the feeling of love for yourself and others 

Love yourself potion #3 
body and massage oil is filled with magic blend of shilajit oil that will stimulate the kundalini energy and ignite the heart,
along with macadamia nut and hazel nut and a rich sensuous essential oil blend of rosewood , geranium ylang ylang and a few more notes to simulate a loving heart!