Out Dam Spot !

Hey beauties, Narayan here , yeah acne sucks , I know I was classified  third degree acne in my early teens, and into my twenties, by 40 I still had the hormonal stressor break outs. it wasn't till I created my own potions that I had eliminated acne for good. 

I took a different lens to a skin issues that seams to not have or had , any long term solutions. As an empath I have an ability to read energies of the body, to understand how it moves in ways that have yet to be documented. so with acne I looked deeply in my own life and found several situation that maybe at the core of  cystic and stubborn acne. some of these ideas may be familiar to you and some could be a light bulb moment.

First thing I looked at was the lymphatic system which is a fairly new concept in skin health,  I looked at it from an emotional point of view , how anger, frustration, over thinking and depression and the repression of said emotions can create a sluggish lymphatic system. As well as being an empath we tend to process other peoples "stuff" in unconscious ways, there for clogging up our system with other peoples stuff. 

Next I looked at bacteria the body produces when the lymphatic system is sluggish as well as the rush of cortisol the body produces when angry, stressed or in fight or flight , there for creating a hormonal imbalance which brings on ...acne no matter the age, teenage or adult on set acne. 

Emotions are energy in motion , teen age acne and adult acne are similar but different so you will find remedies and potions for both . There is an emphasis on essential oils as they truly are a gift from Mama Nature I use them in generous amounts particularly in the Face Serums up to 20% of a potion as there molecular structure enters the blood stream with in minutes , creating healing through out the body. When formulating a blend I  look at emotional healing, calming the nervous system, clearing the mind, no matter what age or cycle of life you are in this is something we all can use. I have also been treating acne with topical probiotics for over 15 years now as well as other herbs from the garden and so much yummy organic goodness from mother nature. We serve up an array of remedies, take a cruise through the pages and find what feels right for you, as  we need different remedies for the different skin types and the different  stages of life  ..maiden, mother, crone 

be well N