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Wildly hand crafted by Narayan, organic botanical beauty alchemy! As a Pioneer in the organic beauty industry, 12 years ago I set out to make a new kind of skin care, beauty blends I call them, beauty blends so potent they not only transform your skin, they aid in transforming your life, calming when needed, energizing if necessary, deep healing of mind body & spirit! Every blend has a uniquely exquisite sublime essence that translates into a whole body experience no matter where the beauty blend is applied to the body. Crafted in small batches by magical healing hand with in a sacred environment imbued with mantra, crystals + sacred geometry. All ingredients are hand picked by Narayan from local to global, organic when possible, fairly traded + ethically sourced a must. The beauty blends are unprecedented in potency with essential oils content as high as 20% in some of the beauty blends. Each blend delivers active ingredients at maximum concentration, guaranteeing noticeable graceful-aging benefits, long-term rejuvenation, organic acne remedies with instant, luminous results.



There is a door way into the sublime sacred space of the heart, where mother nature + father cosmos commune, let me take you there ...Narayan



At Narayan beauty we bring beauty, healing, + sacredness into the simplicity of life. Many speak of Inner Beauty, at Narayan Beauty we help you get there, with the use of the High Vibe Alchemical Beauty Blends, Faceology, a whole body healing via the face, created by Narayan, and HIH, a shamanic journey into parts of self, a personal healing journey that only you can take!



Ormus is the essence of Gold, gold in its finest molecular structure allowing the body to benefit from this mineral concentrate. It appears that Ormus or m-state elements have been found through out ancient history, from Egypt known as the Fountain of Youth, Philosophers Stone and the Biblical manna may be these m-state elements ormus.