An Organic Botanical Beauty Blend for Every Skin Type

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NARAYAN's beauty blends are Alchemical Art that hold a potency in vibration, a purity from mother nature and a performance that are truly result driven. Organic Plant Based Beauty Blends: Handcrafted with wisdom, healing & magic in small batches. Highly concentrated rich in aromatic essential oils and botanicals & herbs from her own garden 

NO water, NO icky stuff.

Organic + Fairly Traded + Ethically Sourced.

beauty as ceremony













Narayan is committed to being of service at this unique time , Pinon Pine and her

Wellness Potions come from her Organic Botanical Garden or from the Wild

Harvest of Pinon Pine. The Alchemical Art she brings to the wellness potions is

deeply researched, combined with a well of vast knowledge as a healer & her

understanding as being a spirit in body






Narayans  passion for mother nature and bringing to you pure fresh from the garden hydrosols is a bit of an obsession, time spent in the garden is time spent with the creator, this frequency carry's over into the distillation process that is the alchemy of mother nature and father cosmos



Narayan blends in the magic of Ormus: the essence of Gold in its finest molecular structure, easily allowing the body to benefit from this healing mineral concentrate. An Ancient Beauty secret known as the Fountain of Youth, Philosophers Stone, Biblical Manna an Egyptian healing balm.



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