Pinon Pine

In these ever changing and challenging times Narayan and the Pinon Pine trees bring a message of Peace . The Chumash Used the Pinon Pine for purification before and during ceremony, Today we are gifted these most ancient of trees to be here for us 2 leggeds  for healing of self  and peace to the planet. 

Naturally rich in suramin and shikimic acid, Narayan has used her alchemical magic to create potions for internal and external healing and protection. Narayan and her small crew wild harvest with care and intention from the high hills of Pine Mountain. The Pinon Pine Hydrosoul while having up to a 2 year shelf life, Narayan and her artisan distillers fire up the cooper distiller daily, bringing you the most fresh hydrosol possible.

TrifectaGold  is an essential oil blend of Pinon Pine , Star Anise & Fennel masterfully balanced and amplified with OrmusGold 

coming soon ... a bath soak  and a tea with the TrifectaGold

The essence of the Pinon Pine Tree instills a calm and peaceful mind an open heart and a purified body.