Pinon Pine



purification, regeneration & illumination 

Protocols for ridding the body of spike proteins, graphine oxide, recharge your immune system, stimulate and cleanse the lymphatic system, clear and protect the lungs, build back white blood cells, aid in balancing out the digestive track as well as the reproductive system, reduce the inflammation causing the clots and bring essential minerals back into the body and



a body serum & a tincture

Purpose: a tincture & a  body serum to aid in the process of elimination and protection against spike proteins and environmental toxins, and bioweapons, CVD the bioweapon and for purification and detoxification .

July 2023 update 

As time has moved along and more information comes to the light of day. I want to share with you that I ( Narayan) am in continual research and development . I read, watch, listen to many different sources of information from allopathic medicine journals to alternative news and alternative Drs. as well as digging deep into herbalism and alchemy and call upon my own personal knowledge wisdom and experience . I stand by the current Products that are available and want to answer a few questions that I continue to receive.

Will these protocols and products remove the vaxcine ? I do not make that claim,  they will reduce the spike protein over load and the damage to the body they create, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, rashes and many other discomforts associated with the cvd vaxcine. The tech from allllll my research can not be removed .

How long do I need to stay on the Pinon Pine products? if you are NOT vaxxed , depending on how much exposure you have to vaxxed people.  Lets be honest they are extremely difficult to avoid . so I suggest finding a daily self care protocol  that works for you , I will share with you my personal protocol: I use the Block the Spike Body Serum every morning, slathering belly, lower back, arm pits (makes a great deodorant ) chest and inner thighs , think lymphatic system. I have a pot of Peaceful Pine tea a couple times a week. If the skies are full of Chemxxtrails I use the Block the Spike Tincture. and lastly I carry the Pinon Pine Hydrosol with me to spritze the icky off me.  

Will any of these protocols or products help with long term cvid ? YES if you have NOT been vaxxed. Cvid the bioweapon and the snake venom used in it can be detoxed with Tobacco/ Nicotine. The Block the Spike Tincture is made with Tobacco organically grown in our Garden as well as Wormwood from our garden , Pinon Pine we forage from the hills not to far away , and few other herbs from mother nature.

Lets talk about how these protocols and products can help the vaxcinted, as I said before I make no claims that this will remove the complete vax. They can prolong your life and make it more comfortable, they can lesson the damage and eliminate a multitude of side effects  brought on by the vax.  

Start with the Pinon Pine Protocol as well as the Block the Spike Duo and the Wormwood Tincture. once you start to feel a relief and side effects subside, you will need to stay vigilant on a protocol as the tech is still at work triggering off the spike proteins. This is a short synopsis as i could write a book on this subject . 

the Pinon Pine is here to be of service to humanity , these Ancient beings are the lungs of the planet , my call to work with this matter and these trees is what I am here to do. I have a vast knowledge of herbs, alchemy and the body, I see and work as a healer and as an alchemist in a much different way then most can understand. 

I may not be able to perform heart surgery , but I could heal the heart with out a knife

with love and respect ...Narayan 


Researchers at the University of Maine at Orono say Shikimic acid, when separated by HPLC, exhibited a dose-dependent inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation induced by adenosine diphosphate and collagen in rabbits. Because of the relative high content and good antiplatelet-aggregating activity of shikimic acid, the  pine needles can be used as a potential source of shikimic acid. 

Drinking Pine Needle Tea will deactivate/neutralize the spike proteins in the covid19 vaccines.

By Mike Adams

The upshot of all this is that a possible “cure” for covid — or at least a defense against covid shedding / transmission — appears to be already provided by Mother Nature and is readily available across multiple continents. Mike Adams

 “Pine needles from appropriate trees ( Pinon Pine) have been used for centuries as sources of vitamin C and other phytochemicals that Native Americans used to treat respiratory infections and other ailments.  Pine needles contain many other substances that appear to reduce platelet aggregation in the blood, potentially preventing blood clots that lead to strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolism diagnoses. 

 Many people now believe pine needles may be able to offer protection from covid spike proteins — which are engineered bioweapons found in covid vaccines — as well as covid vaccine “shedding” particles, which also appear to be biological weapons designed to achieve global depopulation."  Mike Adams

In these ever changing and challenging times Narayan and the Pinon Pine trees bring a message of Peace . The Chumash Used the Pinon Pine for purification before and during ceremony, Today we are gifted these most ancient of trees to be here for us 2 leggeds  for healing of self  and peace to the planet. Pine needle tea is one of the most potent anti-oxidants known to man and it’s a super food. Fresh pine needles from appropriate trees have been used for centuries as sources of vitamin C and other phytochemicals that Native Americans used to treat respiratory infections and other ailments. Vitamin C is a known cure for scurvy, as scurvy is a disease of vitamin C deficiency. Pine needles contain many other substances that appear to reduce platelet aggregation in the blood, potentially preventing blood clots that lead to strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolism diagnoses.


Be well Narayan