• TrifectaGold 15ml Essential Oil Blend
  • TrifectaGold 15ml Essential Oil Blend

TrifectaGold 15ml Essential Oil Blend




A Trinity of Pinon Pine, Star Anise & Fennel essential oils & OrmusGold, 15ML


Suramin & Shikimic rich essential oil blend amplified with OrmusGold

Narayan knows and has built an entire line of beauty and wellness products based on the simple knowledge that essential oils are one of the most potent ways to get mother nature in your body both topically and internally. 

TrifectaGold is an essential oil blend potentized and amplified with the use of OrmusGold.   

OrmusGold, are minerals that appear to be intrinsic to all life and are likely directly associated with consciousness and life-force energy. Because of their misidentification using traditional scientific mineral analysis techniques, the Ormus minerals may be essential minerals that have been misidentified as carbon, silicon, iron, and/or calcium (as well as several other minerals). It has been proven in research labs that this premise is correct. 

In its simplicity it is the essence of gold in its finest molecular structure allowing the body to benefit from this mineral concentrate. It appears that Ormus or m-state elements have been found throughout ancient history, from Egypt, also known as the Fountain of Youth, Philosophers Stone and the Biblical manna may be these m-state elements~Ormus.

The Trifecta of Pinon Pine, Star Anise & Fennel are all known to be high in Suramin & Shikimic Acid for blocking the spike proteins and keeping the lungs clear.

Many people now believe pine needles may be able to offer protection from covid spike proteins — which are engineered bioweapons found in covid vaccines — as well as covid vaccine “shedding” particles, which also appear to be biological weapons designed to achieve global depopulation." Dr. Mike Adams

Both Star Anise and Fennel are also known to contain Suramin and Shikimic acid. In fact Star Anise is known to be higher than Pine for its Shikimic acid content. 

The molecular structure of Essential oils are so tiny they enter the blood stream within minutes of application to pressure points throughout the body. Narayan has potentized and amplified these precious oils with OrmusGold which has the ability to amplify whatever herbs and oils that are alchemized with the M state elements. The OrmusGold acts as a delivery system bringing the precious oil and their Gold minerals to the core of the cell. 

The Aromatherapy held within this blend is a sweet licorice aroma with accents of citrus & pine. I believe a quick whiff of the TrifectaGold before a PCR test will clear the passageway for the results you are looking for. Post testing we would like to think it can kill off any unwanted after effects. Take a whiff immediately before and after testing. 

The TrifectaGold is best used with a DROP on each pressure point through out the body, such as wrists, behind the knees, neck, just below the navel, the center of your chest, left and right side of the lower back and the temples themselves.


~For mind: calm clarity, third eye awaking, pineal purification.

~For body: muscle relaxing, cellular purification, immune system booster,

~For soul: instills the essence of peaceful wisdom

Full ingredient list: ORGANIC essential oils of Pinon Pine, Star Anise, Fennel, OrmusGold

No carrier oil ,100% essential oils with a nugget of ormusgold



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