The Spiritual Psychology of the Face

So thankful that Holistic Beauty is on the rise, Narayan created her system, Now called Narayanology in 2006, and has been honing and crafting this healing modality in its entirety. Narayan brings it all together to create an alchemical marriage of healing heart energy, deep pressure point work, botanical beauty blends addressing various skin issues, all this synergistically heals on all levels of mind body & spirit. 

 She invites you to join her in this amazing new age of beauty, come learn her magical sacred healing beauty ways.

Her commitment to being a loving creator of the new earth, is an excitement she wants to share with you. Her commitment to anchoring in the Divine Feminine and infusing it into all she does is contagious. Her commitment to helping women help themselves is the foundation in which Narayanology rests on.  

Healing is Beauty...Narayan

2019 Spring Training

More info coming soon

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Have a sacred and beautiful day