NARAYANOLOGY - 90 min. $200.00

Conceived + Invented by Narayan


An alchemical marriage of facial reflexology + sacred heart healing + botanical beauty blends

Organic Acne + Rosacea Treatment + Graceful Aging

Narayanology brings a deep healing, vitality + glow to your face, skin + entire being.

The principals of NARAYANOLOGY are steeped in ancient ways, and yet, on the leading edge of Holistic Facial Rejuvenation + Whole Body Healing. With the bases of Dien Chan: 503 pressure points, Chinese Meridian lines, the Chakra system + various mappings of the face created by Narayan.  High vibration beauty blends wildly hand crafted by Narayan, enriched with essential oils + the use of Ormus to address various skin issues both topically, energetically + the mind, body, spirit connection for a whole body healing + facial rejuvenation like never before.

Narayanology is an Alchemical Marriage of facial reflexology, sacred heart space healing and plant medicine, while working with the body’s ability to rejuvenate + heal from within. Narayanology also addresses the muscles of the face, giving them a "work out" that is deeply relaxing to the face and body.  As relaxation sets in, tension + emotion stored in the face + body release bringing about an overall sense of vitality + lightness of being.

As an acne treatment, Narayan has created maps that aid in getting to the root cause of acne break outs, beauty blends to decongest the pores + heal and bring one smooth radiant skin. some call her the pimple whisperer

NARAYANOLOGY releases blockages and stagnant energy in the meridians + aids in the balancing of chakras to improve overall health + vitality. Stimulation of reflex points to the organs, muscles, lymphatic system and all parts of mind, body, spirit. Addressing underlying causes, which become reflected in the face through dark circles, dry or lusterless skin, sagging skin, drooping eyelids, blemishes and excessive wrinkling.

All Narayanology sessions include layers of delicious steaming warm towels, a multitude of aromatic rich organic serums, gentle yet deep exfoliation + masques for your individual skin type, from sensitive, rosacea to graceful-aging and acne prone skin. Each and every session is as personal and as unique as you are.

We display who we are on our face, word by word, action by action, thought by thought. When you are beautiful on the inside, you are radiant on the outside! enlighten up!


  • Releases tension emotions and energy blockages stored in the face + body.
  • Lightens up your entire being, aura + chakra system.
  • Whole Body Healing via the Face.
  • The only “facial” that treats all parts of the mind, body, spirit connection.
  • A true holistic facial rejuvenation system that embodies the science of spirit.
  • Softens the muscles that cause wrinkles, uplifts + regenerates.
  • Sculpts the face + brings a rosy glow to the face.
  • Releases the emotional cause of acne, while treating it topically.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system + subtle body.
  • Provides relief from TMJ.
  • Brings one to a deep sense of relaxation + vitality.
  • Brings a balance to your entire mind, body + spirit.
  • Brightens the eyes and surrounding area.
  • A source of high vibrational light + prana for an overall radiant glow.
  • A viable alternative to surgery, injections, lasers + gadgets.

One session of Narayanology is both healing & beautifying,

for a dramatic shift both energetically & aesthetically a

series of 3 @ a 10% discount,

5 @ a 20% discount is a suggestion


A 2 hour plus shamanic journey with parts of self that ends with you standing in the profound and deeply healing sacred space of your own heart with access to your akashic records. Many speak of the Higher Self and the Soul, but what if you could have direct access to your higher self and the ability to embody the energy of your Soul while standing in the sacred space of your own heart? With Holistic Integrative Healing, developed by Narayan, this magical experience is possible.

Narayan knows everything is simply an energy, frequency, and vibration. All imprints, traumas, and programs are energetic blocks that keep you from your true divine nature. Narayan has a unique ability to tap into the energies living within you and give them breath to speak, allowing the individual parts of self (ego self’s) to literally come forth, speak fully, and express their needs and wounds held deep within the part of self. HIH allows you to discover and experience a level of truth held in the unconscious brought forth by you. The ego is tricky, it does everything it can to maintain status quo. With HIH one can access what is hidden, what one generally cannot get to on their own. In a session of HIH the information comes from you, which is very empowering, as you are doing the healing by bringing forth your unknown unconscious truth that keeps you from living the life of your dreams.

One session of HIH can open and access parts of self that have been unavailable and unresolved for years, including traumas that may be understood by the mind, yet still have a hold and a negative effect on the way you live your life or issues that continue to cause physical and emotional pain. Some imprints are so subtle, yet deeply profound in the way we relate to the world. After many years of working with people, Narayan has found some very fascinating situations that classic therapy, counseling, and many other modalities just cannot get to. Narayan’s ability to tap into + speak with the energies and bring them forth has opened the door to a whole unique and different understanding of the human condition than what we have been taught. Narayan holds a space that is safe for you to explore and release Imprints + belief systems that keep you from living life fully from the heart.

Narayan uses HIH to heal and release energies of self-hatred, imprints and traumas of sexual, physical and verbal abuse, programs + belief systems that we all carry from birth, past lives, and from simply being a human on this planet. HIH can also be used to get to the emotional core cause of addiction issues, as well as any illness or disease, along with a deep healing of the pain body.

HIH is an amazing modality for one who is on a true quest for liberation, ascension, and working towards living a spirit driven life. In these times of change and evolution, Narayan’s clients have found HIH and working with Narayan to create a profound life changing experience in their personal evolution as well as healing on all levels emotional, physical, mental and of the spirit. Her attentiveness and ability to listen to you and your guidance, to get to the heart and soul of any issues is an ability so rare and precious.

If getting to your true divine nature is where your attention is and you are feeling stuck in your process, Narayan can take you beyond your current limitations. She can deliver you to your soul and to where you can discover your soul purpose and live a heartfelt spirit driven life!

While one session of HIH is deeply healing and transformative, a weekly session can be highly beneficial in getting to long term issues that have been unresolved by classic therapy.

There are no “drugs” or “herbal teas” used in HIH.