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Narayan Beauty Philosophy

There is nothing more beautiful than the true essence of one's Soul, at the core of everyone is a light of inner beauty. At NARAYAN BEAUTY we built a bridge between healing and beauty, and created healing beauty rituals for you to experience.

Many speak of Inner Beauty, at Narayan Beauty we create a sacred space for you to discover who you really are, Your True Divine Nature, with the use of the High Vibe Alchemical Beauty Blends, Narayanology, HIH a shamanic journey all created by Narayan.

healing is beauty 


NARAYAN's beauty blends hold a potency in vibration, a purity from mother nature and a performance that are truly result driven for healing beauty rituals.

Her alchemy starts from sourcing the finest of botanicals from her own garden to organic local farmers and far stretches of the globe where rare and exoctic plants grow best. As an empathic healer her ability to hold a plant in her hand, feel its essence, how it will work on the body and taste it with in seconds is the bases of her alchemy, this ability allows a more intuitive process to unfold and feel the harmony of a blend in its completion. 

When we think of sacred spaces we think of churches, temples, a forest and anywhere one can commune with the divine and so for this reason the vibration of a space is of vital importance in her crafting and alchemy, sacred sounds imbue all the wonderful oils, hydrosols and anything liquid can be brought to a higher level of frequency through the use of sacred sounds and mantras and so it is that Narayans space is a constant flow of source frequencies, along with space holders of selenite and a variety of crystals gridding the apothecary, bringing to you high vibe beauty alchemy.

She uses the word alchemy because it truly is an alchemical process in her blending, as she steps into her crone years and the embodiment of wisdom with a life time in the beauty and wellness industry, her ability to harness the forces of mother nature and father cosmos through the heart creates an alchemy one experiences in using her beauty blends. As her potions are slathered on the skin one can feel the energy penetrate through ones entire being, bringing about the feeling of wellness and joy...."I just feel so good when I use your beauty blends " is something we hear over and over.

Handcrafted in small batches, 100% active ingredients, always natural, Organic 100%, NO water, NO icky stuff, NO filler. Fairly Traded + Ethically Sourced are always a must. Narayan truly loves sourcing exotic and precious herbs + oils along with acquiring the wisdom, history and the mystique that surrounds them.

With the knowing that 70 % of what one puts on the body enters the blood stream within seconds, Narayan alchemizes her beauty blends as a vehicle for transformation, as they work magic both inside and outside. Plenty of aromatic, highest of quality essential oils are used to address skin issues, through the olfactory, topically & with energetic vibration, Every blend has a uniquely exquisite sublime essence that translates into a whole body experience no matter where the beauty blend is applied to the body. The essential oil content + ratio in many of the beauty blends is unprecedented, making the Narayan beauty blends more than just skin care, they are a true sacred beauty ritual.

Each blend is complete when she feels the synergy of the blend as it absorbs into the body and its vibration is harmonious to mind, body and spirit.

She encourages one to use the affirmation written on each bottle as no one can afford the luxury of a negative thought!


Narayan = protector & up lifter of all who’s clarity of perception is clear clean and bright as fresh flowing water.

From The Heart

I was gifted the name Narayan through the Kundalini Yoga Lineage during my teacher training, I took the name in 2005 after coming through some incredibly difficult life challenges, blasting out the other side feeling like coal being transformed into a diamond the name brought me to tears and felt appropriate. 

I started creating the Narayan Beauty Blends that year and soon after in a moment of inspiration while working on a womens feet, I could see layers of grief upon her face, I just wanted to wipe the look from her face and relieve her pain. There after I dove deep into research with the knowing that there are reflex points on the feet, they have to come out the other end. I stumbled upon a book from France and more work out of Vietnam and soon wove the magic of sacred heart healing, facial reflexology and plant medicine into this divine whole body healing via the face modality I now call Narayanology.

Now at the age of 57 and an Empathic Healer there is another level of transformation coming into a deeper clarity, a deeper embodiment of living from the soul with constant direct access to source through the heart.

Everything is an energy frequency and vibration, this law becomes a key when you tap into its ability, the ability to emit any frequency that resides in the Universe, this include everything in mother nature and father cosmos. This ability gives me direct access to the soul of an individual, the access to another's soul is a precious and sacred gift that helps me, help them with in the sacred grounds of a healing session.

This soul conversation brings about rapid transformation unlocks one's personal magic and their connection to who they really are, we can together release trauma, imprints and dna programs, even the new age sort that are becoming a disservice to the soul and keeping people locked into minds sets and programs that will in the long run stunt their spiritual & evolutionary growth.

My work with the sacred space of the heart, where all magic resides is of vital importance to personal and planetary transformation. I share this with you as I step into a new level of service.

This year 2019 I will be offering my teaching of Narayanology and micro & mini Franchises. Yes we must talk buisness in this age of healing, when the download of Narayanology and the beauty blends came through in 2005, I made a commitment to be of service to women and the advancement of there sacred being not just on the level of spirit, also the ability to live an abundant life. So with that commitment I have refrained from stocking the shelves of the retail world, turned down major investors and am in the middle of creating what I call Micro and Mini Franchise, This is all part of the Narayanology Training Program.  

I would be honored and thrilled to be of service to your soul, whether a personal session of Faceology, HIH and the Training of Narayanology and micro & mini Franchises 

From my Heart to yours