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Narayan Beauty Philosophy

There is nothing more beautiful than the true essence of one's Soul, at the core of everyone is a light of inner beauty. At NARAYAN BEAUTY we bring beauty, healing, + sacredness into the simplicity of life.

Many speak of Inner Beauty, at Narayan Beauty we help you get there, with the use of the High Vibe Alchemical Beauty Blends, Faceology, HIH a shamanic journey all created by Narayan.

NARAYAN's beauty blends are Alchemy at its finest, with her ability to utilize the forces of mother nature + father cosmos, working with crystals, sound, sacred geometry + the new and full moons. Her space is imbued with mantras, gridded with crystals and honored as a sacred space. Narayans alchemy comes with 35 years of wisdom + experience in the beauty & holistic health worlds.

Wildly handcrafted in small batches, each blend created to target specific skin types + issues with purity and potency. 100% active ingredients always natural, Organic when possible 90-100%, NO water, NO icky stuff, NO filler. Fairly Traded + Ethically Sourced are always a must. Narayan loves sourcing exotic and precious herbs + oils from local to global, and enjoys the history and mystique that surround them. As an Empath she has the ability to hold an herb or flower in her hand within seconds she can, taste it, feel its energy, a knowing of how it will work on the body, and what will synergistically work with it. Each blend is complete when she feels the synergy of the blend as it absorbs into the body and its vibration is harmonious to mind body and spirit.

She uses plenty of aromatic therapeutic essential oils to address skin issues, both topically + energetically, for a deep aromatherapy experience for you to smell good + feel good + look good. Every blend has a uniquely exquisite sublime essence that translates into a whole body experience no matter where the beauty blend is applied to the body. The essential oil content + ratio in many of the beauty blends is unprecedented, making the Narayan beauty blends more than just skin care, they are a true sacred beauty experience.

Narayan = protector & up lifter of all who’s clarity of perception is clear clean and bright as fresh flowing water.

The name Narayan was gifted to me through the Kundalini Yoga Lineage, my birth name Kristi Marie Jones has its own unique vibration holding the sacred trinity of Christ, Mary & Joseph, my parents were dialed into something. I took the name Narayan in 2005 after coming through some incredibly difficult life challenges, blasting out the other side feeling like coal being transformed into a diamond.

The transformation is never ending, now at the age of 55 there is another level of transformation coming into a deeper clarity, a deeper embodiment of living from the soul with constant direct access to source through the heart, this level of living transcends all written teachings and while many of you will be challenged to hear those words , those are words I heard over 11 years ago as I was deep into my studies of Kundalini Yoga during the teachers training program. I was attempting to devour every word Yogi Bhajan had written, when one afternoon sitting on my bed reading a lecture of his, an energetic force knocked me onto my back feeling pinned down and unable to move as the energy moved through my body and pages and pages flashed before my third eye as it opened like a camera lense, this lasted but a couple minutes and then a stern voice coming from my mind yet sounding like a loudspeaker as I was sure the entire Hollywood neighborhood heard the command "you will never read another set of teachings again" 

All written teachings are simply pointers, like breadcrumbs dropped along the hiking trail by someone who has come before you, leading you to an unknown destination surely to be of your liking. You reach that destination and its good, its nice its cozy and comfortable and yet you know there is more, that more is direct access. Direct access has no teaching, it does have Laws and Keys.

One of those Laws is, Everything is an energy frequency and vibration, this law becomes a key when you tap into its ability, the ability to emit any frequency that resides in the Universe, this include everything in mother nature and father cosmos. This ability gives me direct access to the soul of an individual, the access to another's soul is a precious and sacred gift that helps me, help them with in the sacred grounds of a healing session. With this we transcend all teachings even of the new age sort, as those too are rapidly in my world becoming obsoulete. This soul conversation brings about rapid transformation unlocks one's personal magic and their connection to who they really are, we can together release trauma, imprints and dna programs, even the new age sort that are becoming a disservice to the soul and keeping people locked into minds sets and programs that will in the long run stunt their spiritual & evolutionary growth.

That mystical experience 11 years ago in Hollywood was just one of hundreds, if I were to label myself, I would be a Mystic::a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect. And almost all written teaching thus far appeal to the intellect .

For this reason my work with the sacred space of the heart, where all magic resides is of vital importance to personal and planetary transformation. I share this with you as I step into a new level of service, at a time where our leaders in so many areas are being called into question and many who are attempting to be of service have not yet come into their personal wisdom, they are simply regurgitating written words. The healer is only as good as they themselves have been healed, and can not take you where they themselves have not traversed. 

I became conscious of this thing called a spiritual journey somewhere in my mid twenties, at a time when there was not a yoga studio on every corner, in fact there may not have been one anywhere in the early 80's in San Diego CA. It is a smourgasboard out there right now and discernment is vital and of the utmost importance and this is where the heart comes in, the heart when aligned with the head and the gut become your navigation system and your truth barometer.   

I would be honored and thrilled to be of service to your soul, whether a personal session of Faceology, HIH and the Cherdi Kala sacred feminine rising workshop

From my Heart to yours