About Us

Narayan Beauty Philosophy

There is nothing more beautiful than the true essence of one's Soul, at the core of everyone is a light of inner beauty. At NARAYAN BEAUTY we bring beauty, healing, + sacredness into the simplicity of life. Many speak of Inner Beauty, at Narayan Beauty we help you get there, with the use of the High Vibe Alchemical Beauty Blends, Faceology, a whole body healing via the face, created by Narayan, and HIH, a shamanic journey into parts of self, a personal healing journey that only you can take.

NARAYAN's beauty blends are true Alchemy at its finest, working with the forces of mother nature + father cosmos, utilizing crystals, sound, sacred geometry + the new and full moons. Her space is imbued with mantras, gridded with crystals and honored as a sacred space. All beauty blends are Narayans alchemy with many years of wisdom + experience in the beauty & holistic health worlds. Wildly handcrafted in small batches with each blend created to target specific skin types + issues with purity and potency. Made fresh to order, 100% active ingredients always natural, Organic when possible 90-100%, NO water, NO icky stuff, NO filler. Fairly Traded + Ethically Sourced are always a must. Narayan sources exotic and precious herbs + oils from local to global, and enjoys the history and mystique that surround them. She has the ability to hold an herb or flower in her hand and taste it, feel its energy, a knowing of how it will work on the body, and also what will synergistically work with it. Each blend is complete when the synergy of the blend hits the body and its vibration harmonizes + penetrates deep into the blood stream for truly holistic skin care. She uses plenty of aromatic therapeutic essential oils to address skin issues, both topically + energetically, for a deep aromatherapy experience for you to smell good + feel good + look good. Every blend has a uniquely exquisite sublime essence that translates into a whole body experience no matter where the beauty blend is applied to the body. The essential oil content + ratio in many of the beauty blends is unprecedented, making the Narayan beauty blends more than just skin care, they are a true sacred beauty experience.


Faceology Training Program, It has been a long time passion of Narayan’s to help women become sustainable in Mind, Body, Spirit as well as financially, and to live a life that has the capacity to be sacred with every breath. Launching soon is the Faceology training program, where women can become a Faceologist + Emissaries of the Narayan Sacred Beauty Way.


Narayan = protector & up lifter of all who’s clarity of perception is clear clean and bright as fresh flowing water.