Ormus is able to connect the human presence and empowers one to become an awake, aware, compassionate individual. 

Become your own centered observer of this creation, in the present, future and the past, now. 

Be present and be that awake unattached observer.

Ormus elements establish conditions for balance, harmony and well-being to just BE.


This discovery means that all minerals were not discovered by modern science and that the Periodic Table of the Elements is incomplete. 

  • The Benefits Of Ormus Have Anecdotally Been Reported To Include:

~Increased awareness and expansion of consciousness

~Increased spiritual "connectedness" to source 

~Increased psychic phenomenon

~Boosted neurotransmitter production

~Increased dream lucidity

~Anti-aging characteristics in appearance and physical agility 

~Increased metabolic rate and cellular rejuvenation and repair

~Removal of bad calcium build-up at the topical point of application

~Hyper-structuring of water

~Accelerated or even miraculous healing cuts and scraps, to burns, broken                    bones, rashes, rocesea, shingles, psoriasis, skin disorders, 

relief of arthritic pain

~Relief from all sorts of pain

Just apply to any part of the body that needs healing!

Including internal organs apply topically to the area!