The RoseGold essential oil blend will soothe + soften your being + open the heart to bring about the love in both the masculine + feminine parts of self, creating a balance + healing so that the essence of the soul can shine through and infuse all aspects of life. Slather your entire being in the experience of roses amplified by the high vibe substance called OrmusGold , The Mystic is a tonic for the skin that will leave you feeling so soothed and nourished for anyone who loves the fragrant rose. The RoseGold face oil and will sooth the most sensitive of skin and reduce dramatically rosacea, The RoseGold Moon with hemp extract, will deliver you into a sweet nite of beauty sleep  both truly decadent and highly effective in anti aging nutrients, while being soothing and gentle on the most sensitive of skin types, the RoseGold blend is sure to make you swoon in ecstatic bliss.