Rose Gold . Aroma Gold . Therapeutic Parfume




Rose Gold .33 oz roller ball applicator 

Covertly Captivating from Narayan’s magic pot: signature Aroma Gold perfumes— an elixir of the perfect combination of quality organic therapeutic essential oils and OrmusGold, imbued with sounds of the sacred. Narayan only uses the purest essential oils to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, while OrmusGold transforms each ingredient—and you—into a higher vibration. 

Rose Gold is wildly handcrafted with a luxurious mixture of organic jojoba, white cognac, orange, rosewood, rose geranium, and rose damask. This Aroma Gold is the perfect therapeutic perfume to balance your masculine and feminine energies to bring your authentic essence to light. Open your heart with this sensuous yet nurturing aroma. Rose Gold is the Aroma Gold for anyone wanting to relax into that sensual  sumptuous parts of self , that gets easily hidden by the day to day stress of life 

The essence of rose gold transports you to a a languid luscious summer day in the country side of France, a blanket, a picnic, and red wine surrounded by wild roses. 


  • Balances divine feminine and divine masculine energy
  • Wine & rose makes for a sumptuous Aphrodisiac
  • Clears static from the mind increasing mental clarity
  • Increases loving life force frequencies
  • Unity consciousness 
  • Opens the heart for love for self and others
  • Heals and nourishes emotional wounds of the heart
  • Softens the solar plexus to allow the heart to blossom.
  • Relaxes the hips to allow the fluidity of kundalini energy.

Ingredients: *jojoba,* white cognac, *orange, *rosewood, *rose geranium, *rose damask. *ormusgold *denotes organic

IMBUED WITH SOUNDS OF THE SACRED for high vibe beauty alchemy 

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