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The Oneness Collection                         2 oz each


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Milk & Honey

Sacred Heart

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Knowing what you need is an aspect of these times of change. with the option to have what you need when you need it,Narayan gives you this ability with all 3 ORMUS cultivations. When the heart is in alignment with mother nature and father cosmos you are living in oneness …one with all that is

Ormus, are minerals that appear to be intrinsic to all life and are likely directly associated with consciousness and life-force energy. Because of their misidentification using traditional scientific mineral analysis techniques, the Ormus minerals may be essential minerals that have been misidentified as carbon, silicon, iron, and/or calcium (as well as several other minerals). It has been proven in research labs that this premise is correct. 


In its simplicity it is gold in its finest molecular structure allowing the body to benefit from this mineral concentrate. It appears that Ormus or m-state elements have been found through out ancient history, from Egypt known as the Fountain of Youth, Philosophers Stone and the Biblical manna may be these m-state elements~Ormus


Ormus connects you to what in ancient times was called the Blessed Field or the Field of Blessing. What in present times is referred to as the Meissner Effect or The Field. Although known by only a few, the presence of Ormus in our energetic being carries more vibrancy and a stronger greater communication with the quantum field of energy. Imagine experiencing fantastic insights and enjoying that greater wisdom. 


Ormus is able to connect the human presence and empowers one to become an awake, aware, compassionate individual. 

Become your own centered observer of this creation, in the present, future and the past, now. 

Be present and be that awake unattached observer. 

Ormus elements establish conditions for balance, harmony and well-being to just BE.

 This discovery means that all minerals were not discovered by modern science and that the Periodic Table of the Elements is incomplete. 


  • The Benefits Of Ormus Have Anecdotally Been Reported To Include:
  • ~Increased awareness and expansion of consciousness
  • ~Increased spiritual "connectedness" to source 
  • ~Increased psychic phenomenon
  • ~Boosted neurotransmitter production
  • ~Increased dream lucidity
  • ~Anti-aging characteristics in appearance and physical agility 
  • ~Increased metabolic rate and cellular rejuvenation and repair
  • ~Removal of bad calcium build-up at the topical point of application
  • ~Hyper-structuring of water
  • ~Accelerated or even miraculous healing cuts and scraps, to burns, broken                    bones, rashes, rocesea, shingles, psoriasis, skin disorders, 
  • relief of arthritic pain
  • ~Relief from all sorts of pain


Just apply to any part of the body that needs healing!

Including internal organs apply topically to the area! 


How Is Ormus Created?

NARAYAN cultivates the Ormus elements from salts, specifically the Dead Sea salts, using the wet method also know to be the method used by the Essenes ....

In her personal research she has found these to be of the highest percentage of orme elements and due to the increase of world wide ocean contamination the dead sea is a clean body of water along with being known as a very healing body of water, due to its Orme content. In ancient Egypt this was referred to as milk and honey, the most potent of all Ormus. 


NARAYAN lives from the wisdom of the earth and sky via her heart of gold, she holds heaven and earth both equally and not valuing one over the other and for this reason she cultivates 2 times a month on the Full Moon and the New Moon. The alchemist is an aspect of the alchemy itself and there for the GA works alone in her alchemy choosing to create a clean and sacred environment in which to cultivate . Her cultivations are done with ceremony during the Amrit Veil hour when the energies of Source are 40% higher, along with the use of crystals , sound, + sacred geomtry It is a very spirit guided process, her space is grided with lemurian crystals and mantra music is playing through out 24/7 from the high vibrational Ojai Valley in California.  


Distilled Water, Ormus Gold from the Dead Sea, Good Vibrations


Serving Size: Generally, Ormus  is more available when applied topically than when consumed as an oral supplement. Ormus element can be oxidized and "pushed into their metallic form" when exposed to high-energy environments such as direct sunlight, strong EMF fields, ozone, etc. The human digestive system with all its enzymes, acids, and bile is a high-energy environment. Therefore, when taken internally, some Ormus will be converted back into metallic colloidal gold, decreasing the efficacy of the product.


Topically: Place 1-2 droppers full (not drops) anywhere on the skin in the morning and/or evening, Ormus should preferably be applied on or near any area of your body that you are targeting to heal and rejuvenate, or where you may be experiencing external skin problems. For daily usage in raising your vibration the belly is a great place to receive the benefits of the Ormes


Orally: Place 1 dropper full (not drop) under the tongue daily in the morning and/or evening. Hold under the tongue for at least 5 minutes.  


Storage Instructions: NARAYAN recommends keeping bottles of Ormus at room temperature (68 degrees Fahrenheit). Keep in a dark place, preferably within a metal container or in aluminum foil where it is away from light, heat, EMF fields, refrigeration, and ozone or on your altar surrounded by crystals.

narayanbeauty.com make no health claims for this product, and it is labeled "For Research Purposes Only." No claim is made or implied about the safety, efficacy, health effects, etc. of the Golden Alchemist Ormus. We recommend that you research the subject for yourself and make full use of your amazing abilities to learn. the Golden Alchemist & narayanbeauty.com make no claims as to the efficacy of this product for any specific condition. It is sold for experimental purposes only.

 These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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