• PEACEFUL PINE TEA  with TrifectaGold
  • PEACEFUL PINE TEA  with TrifectaGold

PEACEFUL PINE TEA with TrifectaGold




PEACEFUL PINE TEA with TrifectaGold  6 oz , 36 servings 

Drink to your health and longevity of life, Pinon Pine is an evergreen known for giving a long and healthy life, rich in naturally occurring Suramin & Shikmic acid . Narayan beauty has blended it up with organic star anise & organic fennel seed, these longevity herbs are also rich in Suramin & Shikimic acid. This herbal blend is potenized with TrifectaGold to amplify and aid in maintaining a healthy body , a calm & awakened mind and the peaceful essence of the soul.

Just 2 teaspoons in boiling water , steep for 5 min. Sweeten with honey or monk fruit. 

Or 2 teaspoons grounded in a coffee  grinder and steeped through an espresso machine.

3- 4 cups a week for a healthy immune system and to support your self and family in these challenging times .

Ingredients: wild harvest fresh pinon pine needles * star anise *fennel seed, OrmusGold. * denotes organic


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