The truth is ..Nicotine is NOT addictive

The truth is ..Nicotine is NOT addictive

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The Shocking Truth About Nicotine and Its Bizarre NWO Connection w/ Dr. Ardis


This video is full of some big truths about Nicotine, nicotine receptors and how they help the longevity of each cell in your body. here are a few bullet points I took away from this video from Dr. Ardis.

  • Nicotine is not a drug.
  • Nicotine is NOT addictive
  • In 1994 Nicotine was demonized as a set up for todays Bioweapons 
  • Nicotine is an adaptogen
  • Nicotine is a NUTRIENT
  • Tobacco is the most potent way to get Nicotine
  • Nicotine receptors are found on the surface of every cell in your body
  • Nicotine receptors help to control the diaphragms ability to breath 
  • Tobacco/Nicotine is truly one of natures magical healers

Please take the time to watch this entire video. 
when I learned of tobaccos a couple of years ago through my own research is when we created Block the Spike as well as the Tobacco Hydrosol. I had already had a strong interest in tobacco and new it as a very miss under stood magical healing botanical with rich history through out the world , I also found in my research to be an antidote to snake venom as well as some spider venoms. 

Block the Spike is a wellness tincture with tobacco and we have Tobacco Gold Hydrosol be well and feed your body the nutrients it needs in these strange and challenging times