Another Winter of Death Dec23

Another Winter of Death Dec23
Another "Winter of Death"
While many 3 letter agencies would like you to believe you will die with out the poison's they are demanding you take via injections. I do field many phone calls and emails through out the days and the one thing I here over and over is , " I got comfortable and now I have a rash or brain fog, heart palpitations etc... fill in blank 
A lot of time has passed since April of 21 when the word spike proteins and bioweapons  became a part of our vernacular and yet here we are in November of 23, 2 and a halve years later and we are still. I know its hard to believe this is where we are at, as well as the many other situations taking place globally. And while many of us may not be in war zone or fire zone etc. we still must be aware and take care. 

I continue with research and I stay tuned to the latest information available, when I see a rise in "covid" or "strange" and "new " illnesses  from those who are both vaxxed and unvaxxed I know the bioweapons have been dropped again,  I have also been paying attention to those who are not vaxxed and unaware of spike proteins and yet spend time with the vaxxed, I see many who are suffering brain fog, digestive issues and other symptoms associated with the spike proteins, they to become shedders.

There is an up tick across various parts of the globe of both covid and strange new illnesses, so I encourage you to stay on a protocol for both the spike proteins as well as bioweapons, as many of you know they use the chemtrails as well as storm systems to drop the poison's.

I have created a collection of Pinon Pine Products so you can find what works best for you, if your a tea drinker sip up the Peaceful Pine Tea , if misting a potions works best the Pinon Pine Hydrosol is easy and a great carry along. If you like to slather on a potion of protection I defiantly suggest the Block the Spike Body serum , this is one of my favs as its up lifting and a great morning ritual to start the day.

Here are a few protocols, based upon the amount of exposure, that will aid in keeping you healthy through the "winter of death" feel free to substitute and find your own way  
  • For a person who spends time with vaxxed  in there social life yet maybe not so much of your work life: 3 - 4 times a week a cup of the Peace Pine Tea, Block the Spike Body Serum as a morning post shower daily protection. 
  • If you are one who doesn't interact much with groups or a works place of vaxxed the Pinon Pine Hydrosol is probably all you need  
  • I get asked a lot "what is safe for children?": the Pinon Pine Hydrosol is great, its light and tell them its fairy dust, give them a misting before they take to school and a bit of the Block the Spike Body serum as well. After school a misting again will be super helpful. For an evening cleansing the Forest Bathing is awesome for children as well.   
  • If you live in a house hold with vaxxed people,  please take care daily, a cup a day of Peaceful Pine Tea, the Block the Spike Body serum and the Pinon Pine Hydrosol through out the day. Use the essential oil Blend Trifecta Gold in a diffuser and on pressure points of your body.
  • If you are still dealing with Long Haul Covid or feel you have been exposed to a seeding of Bioweapons or still do not have your tastes buds back the new Tobacco Hydrosol and or the Block the Spike Tincture, which has tobacco in it as well are extremely helpful for getting your health back as well as any of the other Pinon Pine Products & the Wormwood Tincture 
  • Ivermectin is derived from Wormwood ... just please limit your use of pharmaceuticals
  • For practitioners of any kind from hair stylist to healers , I highly suggest running a diffusor with the Trifecta Gold essential oil blend , us the Pinon Pine Hydrosol before and after each client, if you are doing hands on be sure to spritz your hands, and start each day with a slather of Block the Spike Body serum  
  • Lets talk about Sex ... if you are having sexual activities with a vaxxed person... sigh ... no judgement but !The spike proteins transfer like an STD the Forest Bathing postcoital if you had no "protection" and I am not talking birth control, well I sort of am. Protection being  Block the Spike Body Serum & a Condemn. Seriously  ladies, the sperm is rich in spike proteins. Also the Pinon Pine Hydrosol is a great carry along to use both internally and transdermal, The essential oil Blend Trifecta Gold on pressure points of your body.   

I hear a lot of people say "well I am not going to live in fear "Great! don't! fear is, well, bad for you, another post...Don't live in fear and be smart, be well and take care of your self when there ae simple ways of doing just that .

be well N