Beauty as Ritual

Beauty as Ritual


As we come into the autumn equinox which falls on September 22 in 2018, marking the official first day of fall as well as the pagan holiday, Mabon, in the northern hemisphere. Mabon is a harvest festival, the second of three, that encourages pagans to “reap what they sow,” both literally and figuratively.

For many years I sat in circle honoring, giving thanks and gratitude and performing rituals during the new and full moons, along with circles celebrating the changing of the seasons, during the equinox and solstice, and planetary alignments that were believed to be of significance. This has been done for thousands of years through out many cultures, religions and spirit driven communities. These circles were always a form of ritual, beautiful rituals I might say, honoring connection between sisters and brothers, mother nature & father cosmos, this is the core of my work through the sacred space of the heart as a spirit driven woman.

While these rituals served their purpose at a time in my life and they served their purpose thousands of years ago as well, they served their purpose because we were taught to believe that we were separate from the forces of mother nature and father cosmos. While this is true, it also is just a half truth, meaning we never were separate as we can see we are all one, floating on this gem of a planet yet at one time we were energetically through our physical from very connected to mother nature and father cosmos through our hearts. We currently are moving from a mind center society to a heartfelt world.

These rituals were also filled with superstations, lets first be clear about what superstations are, according to Webster: a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief… So, we can conclude (at least I can) that the phrase: Your thoughts create your reality and when held onto with wild belief, this is a superstation.  From my observation this belief can create a neurotic mind trapped in a loop of swinging from positive to negative without ever really knowing the truth of the matter.  I use this phrase for several reasons one to show that it served its purpose, to bring attention to how we as humans think, and because like the rituals of old this too has become out dated.

As we evolve we are expanding our awareness, like the ripples of a pond after a rock has been thrown into it. We are re connecting to mother nature and father cosmos via the heart, waking up our multi-sensory beingness and living in the constant flow of mother nature and father cosmos, that’s my goal. With this flow I find myself needing less and less “ritual” as my connection to these forces are simply a breath away, with no need for a ritual to feel and create a connection. As many rituals were designed to connect to the unseen forces and flow.

When we live from the place of gratitude that springs forth unwillingly and without causations as an organic expression from the heart,  not manufactured from the neurotic mind of positive and negative, our senses are alive, we feel the unseen in its many forms from the obvious to the subtle to the sublime, we taste the essence of a plant by simply holding it in our hand, our olfactory is a live and leading us literally by the nose . When one can live from this place of the heart, one feels into what the season brings us, as we are all unique frequencies of the one, there for we experience these changes in our own unique way. We feel into, instead of living from what we have been told, this is how we create the new, as EVERTHING is changing. Climate change is real, as the climate is changing and when one stays in touch through the multisensory beingness in which we all have, we then can adapt with ease and grace and not long for or expect what may not arrive and welcome with an open heart what does arrive. This is how we create a new world.

I receive what I call post it notes from the universe and many years ago I was shown that we are picking up and learning the ancient ways, learning from them and then letting go of what is no longer useful as we head into higher dimensions of living. What we are gleaning is an activation and memory of our connection to mother nature and father cosmos through the sacred space of the heart where this is in constant flow and where ritual is woven into the fabric of our daily life. From the sacred way in which one drinks a cup of tea, how one approaches gardening with love and reverence of the plant kingdom and fairy realms or simply breathing in mother nature & father cosmos as a daily practice in meditation.  

I use beauty as ritual and this is what I have been guided to bring forth for others, as a way of living in reverence for the physical form in which my soul is housed, as a way of using the botanical based beauty blends I craft with love as a way of honoring mother nature, giving thanks to her, breathing her into my being as I slather her scrumptious aromas from head to toe, or bath in her herbal remedies for cleansing and clearing. She soothes my soul, awakens my senses and brings me into alignment with the true essence of who I really am. 70 % of what we put on our bodies goes into our blood stream, this also goes into all parts and system of our being, what a more beautiful way to connect to the mother that we stand upon and honor the vehicle that houses your soul. So as this equinox comes into being on the 22nd, find your personal way into honoring and thanking what has come to pass and what is to come, find your way into connecting to her and to the father of the cosmos via the sacred space of your heart where your personal truth rest waiting for you to discover.