Did you know ? Gold Hydrosouls make Good Medicine

Did you know ? Gold Hydrosouls make Good Medicine

Gold Hydrosouls Make 
Good Medicine!


Just like essential oils Gold Hydrosouls are excellent multi taskers, but first lets talk about their potency . Hydrosols can be as much as 20-30 times more potent then a cup of tea yet gentler then an essential oil. Essential oils are the volatile oils of the plant, which are not actually oils, they are terpenes. we love essential oils here at Narayan Beauty we equally love the Hydrosoul which are the aqueous waters of the plant that can be obtained through several types of distillations, there is the Hydro distillation which would be akin to boiling your vegetables and capturing the sweat of the plant that arises, or steam distillation which would be akin to steaming your vegetables and capturing the sweat of the plant. 

 At Narayan Beauty we use a hydro/steam distillation, this requires more plant matter which delivers a very potent hydrosol, all of Narayan Hydrosols are grown organically in her garden, the Pinon Pine is a wild harvest which is ethically sourced by her and her crew.

Back to there uses and ways for you to be your own alchemist and enjoy these healing medicinal botanical waters.
  • internally as a daily supplement/medicine just a couple pumps under the tongue.
  • use as a tea replacement, a tea spoon of your fav hydrosoul in a hot cup of water
  • flavor your drinking water to taste 
  • mix 50/50 with filtered water, pour into ice cube tray freeze, to use in your favorite cocktail, tea or as kryo therapy on the skin.
  • mist onto a cotton pad for a toner or cleansing water( Narayans fav) take a mid day beauty break and refresh your face, body and energy field.
  • topically the uses are numerous for children, on babies bottom, on cuts and wounds, mist just about any part of the body, so safe for children.
  • lets not forget that sweet face, use your Gold Hydrosol before and or after your favorite Narayan Beauty Face serum or oil to lock in deep hydration.
  • culinary uses can be left to your imagination, weave into baking recipes, the chocolate mint would be divine in a cake or cooking recipe.
  • try the lemon balm or the lemon verbena  in a vinaigrette salad dressing 
  • try the holy basil or lemon grass in soups or sauces.
  • sauté your veggies in lavender & chamomile. 
  • mugwort for dream time & ceremony 
  • rose geranium for the most sensitive of skin types.
  • mix patchouli and jasmine as a tea and topical potion to deepen intimacy  
  • try a couple pumps under the tongue of the chocolate mint to quench sugar cravings 
  • you can mist your auric field with any of the 16 Gold Hydrosouls fresh from Narayan Garden to cleanse your energy  field to raise your vibration and use as an energy shield
This is the list for now I am sure you will find more healing ways to use your Gold Hydrosouls, build your apothecary just as you do your essential oils. Remember the molecular structure of a hydrosoul is similar to that of essential oils, tiny, so a little goes a long ways and they enter the blood stream with in minutes. making them Good Medicine!
Image: features just 3 from Narayans garden
a Note from Narayan...
Loves labor really shows its self in the garden, every plant has a love story it wants to share with you. All 3 of these allies have healing to share and whispers to reveal. The Patchouli reminds me ever so gently to slow down find your place that you belong, so you too can grow healthy and strong,  Lemon balm tells tales of joyful lightness of being and to remember that skip in your step you once had as a child before your innocents was lost to the world.  Chocolate and mint, it is one plant that feels like a double dose of yummy goodness you want to share with all. 

My garden is a space i love to share, anyone who visits gets a garden tour, it brings me such joy to share the healing a garden offers up. As a healer and an empath my relationship with the plant kingdom is deep soothing and an exchange of loving energy. It loves me back as i tend to its needs, each plant offers up a unique frequency of love that touches every part of my being . 

i hope you too can feel the love each gold hydrosoul offers up.

be well, be beautiful