What is healing anyway … this blog is being sparked by the phrase I see a lot “all healing is self-healing “

While there is a thread of truth to that, it is not a full truth and it is very misleading statement that stems from an egoic belief system that is well, rather narcissistic in nature.

First off let me be clear I wish that was a full truth and one day we will live in a world where that is true and while I do see this as a potential, as I have had a lot of self-healing myself. The ability to heal myself took me years, I had to pass through many levels of healing and awareness in the hands of other teachers and healers, before I embodied the ability that required a relentless truth with myself, of what is really true, a responsibility for my own behavior and my blind spots, the awareness to hit the ego with love head on and honor the protection it has done for me. And with that said I still seek out healing from heart centered healers when I just can’t see or feel my way into clarity.

As a Pioneer/ Way Shower and an Empathic Healer in this global time of transition lets first be clear as to what healing is, it is simply a movement, a dissolving of stagnate energy that is no longer serving a purpose. We can say this about any lack of awareness, an out dated belief system, a dna/ego program, a trauma, to a disease such as cancer.

With a disease such as cancer, will some sort of protocol be necessary such herbs, foods, medicines from supplement to chemo, to aid in its healing, Yes! Let’s also be clear if healing does not happen on a mental, emotional, spiritual, soul level and if the cancer is healed it is sure to come back. When a being has been brought to a depth such as cancer, way showers, healers and space holder are surely necessary as a part of the journey because, you cannot heal from the place in which the disease was created, and it is for this exact reason all healing is not self-healing. How can the egoic state that aided and abetted in creating the disease be the ego that heals the being, in fact a part of the journey would most surely be the surrendering of self and the allowing of others to hold a space for the being that the being them self cannot possibly hold. I must also address the mystical experience which I myself have had numerous experiences of, as this too is from the unseen hand of Source making it self-seen and bringing about a healing on a deep soul, dna level.

In my healing practice with clients I see this a lot and I myself had to go through this door way, which is we gain a mental understanding of an issue and we think we have it all figured out and healed yet the evidence of life shows differently, the behavior has not shifted, the voice of doubt, insecurity, judgy, jealousy, victim, wounded  etc. dna/ego programs are still running and you just don’t feel at your best. There are so many amazing self-help/spiritual books and while one can read them all, the issues are still in the tissue, in fact most traumas are held in the fascia of the body and no amount of reading is going to move that trauma out. Some might call this a bypass, I see bypassing as more spiritual in nature, an activating the fanatical spiritual dna/ego programing has been ignited, while old dna/ego programs activated in childhood and traumas are still running. When the mind can obtain and hold lots of information and the body has not been healed, I call this an override. Override and bypassing are just part of the process, just one of the pit falls along the way to the healing of the body mind spirit & soul and integration of the wisdom obtained by the mind along with the experiences of life itself. This is a life time of a never-ending ongoing processing and if these words speak to you in any way this my friend is your purpose in life, your purpose in life is to evolve past the programming we have for eons been living by, not your career (another blog).

Just so I am clear books are great they bring in the seeds that get planted through the mind and trickle down as the expansion of awareness sets in. Healing on the other hand is experiential, it is the experience of an opening being created, by a healer, teacher or Source itself and you walk over the threshold of the mind through the other side into the heart…this experience happens over and over and over again. Once the sacred space of the heart is activated and embodied on a conscious level, and the mind has allowed the heart to lead the way and the 2 are operating as one, (don't be fooled by the part of the mind that thinks its the heart) this is when self-healing can happen, spontaneously through the act of loving the parts of self we have deemed unacceptable, loving the dna/ego programs activated in childhood and throughout the years of life, even the traumas can be healed through the sacred space of your own heart. The act of loving cancer is far more effective then the attitude of fighting the cancer. In fact, the act of pushing and fighting anything away is an outdated belief system, the embracing of and loving what is no longer serving one is how love heals all.

I encourage self-healing in fact if you are seeking a spiritual practice, learning a healing modality, going to a healer, yoga, meditation, workshops, retreats, festivals circles ceremonies etc…If the road and there are many roads, if that road is not leading you to your own heart and is paved with dependency and guru worship that too is an outdated paradigm. Seek out the healers, teachers and way showers who are passionate about setting you free, guiding you into your own heart, where your soul resides, and all the wisdom and knowledge of the Entire Universe is stored for your access.

From my heart to yours

Love you