love to all ... news letter

love to all ... news letter

March 21, 2020

10 years ago I moved to this town called Ojai, I came with few possessions and a handful of Beauty Blends along with My Magic Facial system, Narayan+ology. For the first 9 months I lived in a 10 x 10 cabin, Yes 100 sq. ft. this was my shelter.

Today hearing  "shelter in place" takes me back to the day I moved in, with what little I had, into my 10 x 10. I  sat on the edge of my bed that day and I said to my self, you have 2 options here, you can think you are a total loser or you can see this as a major opportunity. 

Today I live and work from home,  My kitchen is the Apothecary that houses the Beauty Blends , the second bedroom is a sacred healing space where I see clients and the garden where botanicals grow for the hydrosols is sanctuary for my soul. I am blessed 

What is Narayan Beauty Alchmey today was conceived in the City of Angles and birthed in the Valley of the moon, Ojai  From literally nothing came something and this something is truly my souls passion, built bit by bit, in co`creation with creator and my own volition.

My Sundays for the last 8 and a half years have been spent standing on my corner in the Ojai Farmers Market, loving, laughing meeting Sistars & Brothers from all over the world, Slathering you all up with potions made from love! my favorite ingredient!

Now with "shelter in place" Sundays are not exactly fun days, as a decision beyond my control was made to carry only food vendors at the Market. I am riding the emotional roller coaster with you all. We all, are going through various situation, emotions, and struggles to come to terms with the present reality.

As of March 20th Narayan Beauty is a 1 women show, as all employees are observing shelter in place. The apothecary has always had strict standards for sanitation & sterilization.. this is not new...I am well and here blending up fresh batches, creating some new beauty blends and utilizing this time to get the website fully loaded with all the new blends from the last few months, shipping is at its usual pace. 

Local Ojaians .. you can phone or text in an order 805.330.6999, I can Deliver it to your front steps for FREE or pick up on my front porch.

Right now more than ever your self care beauty rituals are vital , one thing is certain, it wont make you feel worse. So help your self with some self care beauty rituals.

Join me in utilizing this time as an opportunity to come out the other side even more bountiful blissful & beautiful than we already are!

Love you all Narayan

photo: narayan