• True Divine Nature~ Hair . Face . Body  2 oz
  • True Divine Nature~ Hair . Face . Body  2 oz
  • True Divine Nature~ Hair . Face . Body  2 oz

True Divine Nature~ Hair . Face . Body 2 oz




True Divine Nature... Hair, Face and Body oil 2 oz.  

purpose: hydrate & plumb skin, strong silky hair, ignite your true divine nature from head to toe. all in 1 bottle

skin & hair types: for those needling some juicy hydration and strong silky hair, who doesn't want that! 

True Divine Nature is inspired by the need for simplicity and I love a good challenge, so I set out to see if I could alchemize a beauty blend that could be used from the tips of your hair down to your toes. Years in the making, as I have tried so many combinations and formulations, and like Goldie Locks I wanted it to be just right. 

TaDa, True Divine Nature is more than just a beautifying oil it actually stimulates  The circulatory system which is the proverbial river of life that flows throughout our bodies. The circulatory system carries precious nutrients, hormones and other chemicals through organ to organ and cell to cell. It is a very important aspect of overall health and metabolic function. All this from a big dollop of Sandalwood seed oil rich in one of the rarest fatty acids found in the plant kingdom; the ximenynic acid. Researchers have identified the following pharmacological properties of Ximenynic acid: Increases micro circulation, Micro-vascular constriction to reduce varicose veins & cellulitis, reduce hair loss, reduce sebum secretions. This power Plant ally is the hero in this beauty blend.

Alchemized with Jamaican Black Castor oil, known for its ability to strengthen and grow hair Moroccan Argan oil for soft supple skin and for strong silky hair  and Potentiated for High Vibe beauty alchemy with Ormus Gold minerals to activate and stimulate the circulatory system which also enhances our energy systems, this correlations of circulation & energy system are hand in hand in are over all well being & beauty for strong silky hair & vibrant glowing skin 

The aromatics of True Divine Nature will leave you swooning as it is rich  with sandalwood, frankincense, geranium, rosewood and a few other notes to awaken and activate the divine light of your true authentic nature. ( same as the awaken eye cream)

Beauty Ritual For Hair : use as a pre~poo deep scalp and hair treatment, just a couple pumps on the 4 quadrants of your scalp , massage in and comb through to the ends of hair, allow to penetrate for at least 20 minutes or for deep conditioning over night. inhale the rich aromatics and following the breath inwards into who you really are while releasing with with love all that you are not !

also use during the styling phase as a de~frizzer and to bring about brilliant shine.

Beauty Ritual for face and body : slather on morning and or night on clean damp skin inhale the rich aromatics and following the breath inwards into who you really are while releasing with with love all that you are not ! 

Benefits inside & outside:

  • brings luster back to dull dry skin
  • heals acne & prevents break outs
  • stimulates circulation, which brings blood flow through the layers of the skin and scalp
  • improves hair strength hydration & shine 
  • may stimulate & improve hair growth 
  • the microvascular circulation in dermal tissues is helpful as a treatment for hair loss and cellulite.
  • promote hair growth.
  • moisturize dry Hair & dry skin.
  • the black castor , sandal wood seed oil & the ormusgold all aid in relief of joint pain
  • the essential oil blend is an immunity boasting & microbial layer of protection on your largest organ... your skin.
  • aroma therapeutic qualities aiding in release renew to a new you.

 Ingredients : *Sandalwood seed oil *Jamaican black castor oil, *Ormusgold, *Argon oil essential oils : *Frankincense, *Lavender , *Rosewood, *Geranium, *Sweet Orange, *Amyris *denotes Organic

IMBUED WITH SOUNDS OF THE SACRED for high vibe beauty alchemy


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