Purpose: to rid the skin of unwanted icky skin cell growths caused by exposer to the sun and chemicals, "kan*cer" cells: bcell and squa types, dark spot, age spots, skin tags, scars, as well as clarifying, discolorations,  brightening, resurfacing & refinning the texture of the skin of the face, neck, declote, arms etc. 

In the name of Truth and transparency I can not legally tell you this will rid your of skin kan**cer, yet...I have had numerous, in fact every client in the case study on the receiving end of amazing results.

Each of the individual ingredients in this potion are known to rid the skin and the body of kan**cer type cells, as well as dark spots brought on by sun exposer, age spots, scars of wounds, surgeries and acne. 

The alchemy in Damage Control is potent, its usage vary upon the skin issue you are looking to heal.

The numerous benefits and uses of Damage Control

  • Icky skin growths "kan*cer" cells: bas.cell.carc and squam. types
  • Dark spots & discolorations
  • Age spots
  • Skin tags
  • Scars, from wounds and acne 
  • Resurfacing, Clarifying, Brightening, (A medium strength AHA Peal) the skin, of the face, neck, declote, arms etc. 
  • Preventative medicine
  • Graceful Ageing
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Firming, strengthening and tightening of the skin 
  • Decongesting of deep clogged pores

USGAE: please follow direction as written for the desired results and skin issue.

Icky skin cell of the Basil  & Sqaw kan**cer type and skin tags: apply directly on to spot, cover with a band aid for 12 hours , best to use at night. Continue until it becomes dry and flakes off, 10 days to to 2 weeks The process will make it look worse as it dissolves the icky cells, it can get red, irritated and get bigger in size. Follow during the day with 3 Immortelles. Repeat the process if necessary . 

Discolorations & Age Spots: As a night time treatment, apply directly to spot, after being cleaned and dried of all oils and soaps. Continue till spot flakes off 1 -2 weeks. Follow with 3 Immortelles in the morning  Discontinue should irritation occur

Resurfacing the entire face neck & declote, fore arms as well : A thin layer once a week for 4 weeks at night, followed with 3 Immortelles day and night. Should irritation occur : If it is an isolated spot this can be the beginning of "icky " cell formation, Damage Control will reveal where icky cells are forming that are not seen by the naked eye. On those spots follow with the steps above. If irritation occurs upon the entire area where Damage control was used discontinue. Should it occur in the creases of the neck use 3 Immortelles before applying as a buffer. Use your Pearls of Wisdom SPF during the day. To aid the process Apples and Eve is soothing healing and helps gently slough off the dry skin. 

Scars from wounds & acne: the skin must first be healed and not weeping or oozing, the scab must be gone , can not be used on an open wound or sutures. Apply a thin layer nightly followed in the am with 3 Immortelles continue till desired results . Discontinue should irritation occur.

 Hand crafted with organic : EggPlant , Apple cider Vinegar, CBD, OrmusGold, Hemp seed ,Black Raspberry seed, Black seed oils, Lactic acid, Chaulmoogra Frankincense, Myrrh. 

Why 3 Immortelles...

Benefits: inside & outside

With the healing powers of Mushrooms: Lions Main , Rishi, Cordyceps, Tremella & Chaga, alchemized with Frankincense, Myrrh & Immortelle  ...this aids and accelerates the healing process and it gives you an amazing glow !!

  • Deep cellular rejuvenation and repair to damaged skin
  • Protects skin from cellular ageing 
  • Brightens uneven skin tones, discoloration and scars more info




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