Pink Jasmine~Gold Hydrosoul




Pink Jasmine Gold Hydrosoul  2oz.

Fresh from Narayan’s Garden and distiller, steamed with the use of OrmusGold to give you potent High Vibe beauty alchemy.

This 100% pure Pink Jasmine Hydrosoul has been known since ancient times as the “Queen of Flowers.” The plant, Jasmine can be best defined as the genus of vines & shrubs of the olive family known as Oleaceae.

Jasmine for aromatherapy because it can be very effective for the healing process, regulate the heart rate while improving the nerve activities.

According to Ayurveda, jasmine is considered as an effective remedy to reduce symptoms of stress and depression. Similarly, Jasmine hydrosol brings down the levels of anxiety and stress in a person. The gentle mystical scent of the Jasmine flowers in this hydrosoul helps to calm and relax the senses. Jasmine hydrosoul is an amazing antiseptic and disinfectant. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties in the flower prevent any infections from developing in wounds. It helps to fight signs of ageing.
Jasmine floral water nourishes and moisturizes dry and frizzy hair and also makes them shiny.

The plant calms the nerves opens you up to the forces of grace that resides with in. In aromatherapy, it’s used to relax the body, lower emotional borders, allowing for the deepening of intimacy. Use Narayan’s Pink Jasmine Hydrosoul when you want a natural way to holistically enhance your mind, body, and soul vibration.

Aromatic Profile: The scent of Pink Jasmine is incredibly sensual, rich and sweet. More poetically, jasmine could be described as intoxicating, exotic . While it’s a floral scent , there’s an animalic element to it which might also explain why it’s long been considered an aphrodisiac. 

In Hindu and Muslim traditions, it’s considered the perfume of love. In aromatherapy, it’s used to relax the body, lower emotional borders, and for intimacy.

Sublime sweet delicate yet potent floral 

Benefits : inside & out , for all skin types

  • Boosts mood and clears the mind 
  • Nurtures healthy clear energy flow in mind, body, and spirit 
  • Helps to reduce depressive symptoms-stress, anxiety, hypertension
  • Works as an antiseptic in treating bacteria
  • Treats body spasms such as labor pains, cramps, and stomach spasms
  • Decreases Menopausal symptoms-hot flashes, depression
  • Increases alertness and energy levels
  • Aids in skin regeneration, infections, and wound healing
  • Calming and nourishing to rashes and inflammation 
  • Detoxifier for your digestive system and boosts immunity 
  • Improves sleep quality and relieves insomnia
  • Helps to cure tooth diseases, gum infection, tooth pain 
  • Treats headaches
  • Promotes youthful skin
  • Aphrodisiac 
  • Stimulates sensual energy and boosts sexual response
  • Increases sperm production

Self Care Beauty Ritual

While chanting I am bountiful, blissful, & beautiful

  • Mist face before or after face oil or serum to brighten, clarify, & hydrate the skin—excellent for all skin types, clears and calms acne, rich in graceful-ageing nutrients
  • Mist over the face, nape of the neck, and backs of the knees to quell hot flashes. Inhale slowly and deeply, allowing the aroma to balance your spirit along with your skin.
  • As a cleansing water, spray a couple spritzes on a cotton pad
  • 2 pumps sublingual, for calming the nerves and soothing the soul
  • Add a teaspoon to 32 oz. of water for an herbal infused drink
  • Add tablespoon or so to a warm sensuous bath
  • Mist skin generously in polluted city environments to fight free radicals and calm inflammation.
  • Mist all over your pillow to improve sleep quality
  • Spray on hair to refresh scalp
  • Mist before meditation or spiritual practice to calm the heart and open you to mother nature and father cosmos, 
  • Share with a lover

About Hydrosouls

Hydrosols (also known as hydrolats, distillates, or floral waters) are aqueous products of steam distillation. They are colloidal suspensions of essential oils, plant acids, and water-soluble compounds. Narayan’s Hydrosouls are produced using fresh plant materials from her garden along with OrmusGold, they contain water from the plant along with the elemental essence and awareness imprint of the plant distilled—giving it its aroma and potent therapeutic effects. To give you an understanding of its potency, Hydrosouls are 30 times more potent than a cup of herb tea.

These healing waters help to protect and repair the skin while providing nourishment and balance for your entire being. Hydrosouls are living herbal waters and have the ability to aid in protecting and nourishing the body, mind & soul.

IMBUED WITH SOUNDS OF THE SACRED for high vibe beauty alchemy

Know your distiller as the market has been flooded with faux hydrosols

Botanical Name: Jasminum Polyanthum 

Origin: Narayan’s Garden

Process: Steam distillation with OrmusGold

Plant Part: Flowers

Cultivation: Organic

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