Clary Sage Gold Hydrosoul  2 oz. $24.00

NOW  an 8 oz refill bottle +  free 2 oz mister $80.00

Fresh from Narayans Garden and distiller, steamed with the use of OrmusGold to give you some High Vibe beauty alchemy

Aromatic Profile: freshly vibrant, warm, sweet-herbaceous yet somewhat bitter-sweet aroma with a tea-like and soft tobacco undertone that becomes more predominant in the drydown.

self care beauty ritual: while chanting ,I am bountiful blissful & beautiful. Mist face before or after face oil or serum, brightens clarifies & hydrates the skin, excellent for all skin types, clears and calms acne, rich in graceful-ageing nutrients

As a cleansing water, a couple spritzes on a cotton pad .

2 pumps sublingual, for calming the nerves.

Add a tea spoon to 32 oz. of water for an herbal infused drink.

A table spoon or so to a warm bath.

To aid in balancing of hormones, spritz belly to easy in menstrual discomfort and a companion during menopause spritzing to cool off hot flashes. 

Clary Sage energy stimulates reaching inside ones self to realize inherent wisdom, womb healing. cooling & calming to the skin reduces inflammation, irritation & redness.

Because Clary Sage gold hydrosoul can be used for dispelling confusion and illusion, it's often used on the brow and during meditation, contemplation, or creative work. It can help us see possibilities that we struggle to find when we're lost in our own heads or thoughts and need to tap into something deeper, and can bring light to dark places we're struggling to move through. It helps us to open ourselves to intuition and inner wisdom to be guided by an understanding that is both deeper within and further beyond us.

What are Hydrosols, also known as hydrolats, distillates, or floral waters, are aqueous products of steam distillation. They are colloidal suspensions of essential oils, plant acids, and water-soluble compounds. Narayans hydrosouls are produced using fresh plant materials from her garden along with ormusgold, they contain water from the plant along with the elemental essence and awareness imprint of the plant distilled. Microparticles of essential oil and water-soluble compounds give the hydrosoul its aroma and therapeutic effects. To give you an understanding of its potency , hydrosouls are 30 times more potent than a cup of herb tea.

These healing waters help to protect and repair the skin while providing nourishment and balance for your entire being. Hydrosouls are living herbal waters and have the ability to aid in protecting and nourishing the body, mind & soul.

IMBUED WITH SOUNDS OF THE SACRED for high vibe beauty alchemy

Know your distiller as the market has been flooded with faux hydrosols

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea L.
Origin: Narayans Garden
Process: Steam distillation with OrmusGold
Plant Part: Leaves / Flowering Tops/ Stems
Cultivation: Organic 


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