Sensitive Skin/ ROSACEA

Sensitive Skin/ ROSACEA

Sensitive or Allergy hmm??

Allergies are an actual allergic reaction to an ingredient, that can be from an inorganic ingredient like all the icky stuff put in big brands, to lavender or any botanical, one can have an allergic reaction to any chemicals or any thing found in nature . An allergy is one of a class of immune system responses that are termed hypersensitivity reactions.

Sensitive skin is a bit different , sensitive skin tends to be thinner skin and can aggravate easily, while a products and its ingredients can all be found in nature, they can be too abrasive, too active or produce a sort of flush to the skin that are all undesirable “Sensitive skin,”  may not show any visible signs. Symptoms can feel like pulling, prickling, burning, or stinging on the skin.

My advise to those who feel they are sensitive or allergy prone , first off know the difference, Then if you are allergy prone, go get an allergy panel done up, learn what exactly you are allergic too. This can be so empowering, you can then make wise choices as well as save your self the cost of trying something new only to wake in the morning with an allergic reaction  . 

With all that said when I formulate for my sensitive skin types, I am looking at a few things, first and for most calming and nourishing ingredients, that will not irritate or aggravate the skin . Now I am not just looking to calm the skin, I am looking at the nervous system, as well as the glandular system and the connection this all has to your skin. We know that the skin is the largest organ and that 65% of what goes on your skin enters the blood stream with in minutes if not seconds, so when I put Holy Basil which is a known adaptogen to calm and balance the adrenals, in a face serum or hydrosol,  I know I am effecting more then just the skin . In this category of sensitive skin you will find remedies for rosacea as well as graceful ageing 

There are 2 collections Peaceful Mind & the RoseGold and a few cross over beauty blends such as the 3 Immortelles mushroom serum, a few  mask as well as hydrosols that make up the sensitive skin category where we treat both the inside and the outside from both directions ...peruse and enjoy! N