Organic Fairly Traded Shea Butter: moisturizing, reduces inflammation, smooths skin, reduces appearance of wrinkles, gives skin suppleness. There are historical accounts of Cleopatra traveling with large amounts of Shea butter. The Karite tree is fully utilized, nothing is wasted from the meat of the nut for cooking + healing the skin + the shell is used for its red dye and the building of shelter. The tree is considered most sacred.

Organic Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is one of the oldest mentioned plants on record, used by the Ancient Chinese + Egyptians for a variety of different skin disorders. The Native Americans called it “The Wand of Heaven” due to its multitude of benefits. It is a skin softener, moisturizes without leaving a greasy feeling, anti-inflammatory, improves the skin’s natural firmness, nutrient rich with vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, + amino acids

Organic Ormus: the element of gold that is bioavailable to the body, brings energy + vitality to the cells, anti-aging characteristics, increases metabolic rate + cellular rejuvenation, accelerates healing process of skin disorders. You will find Ormus in advanced civilizations such as the golden era of Egypt, and even the Mayans in the life of Jesus. It has long been considered the Holy Grail +/or the philosophers stone; it’s benefits are numerous.

Organic Jojoba Oil: similar to our own sebum which attracts moisture to skin + absorbs in easily, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, firming, rich in antioxidants that help regenerate the skin cells, helps control oily skin

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: skin softener, cleansing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, rich in protein, vitamin E, + medium chain fatty acids - contributing to anti aging

Organic Rosehips: rich in Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, + antioxidants, stimulates collagen production, helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, + scars, slows down the aging process by it’s ability to regenerate skin cells

Organic Hemp Seed Oil: helps skin maintain moisture, made up of omega-6 + omega-3 essential fatty acids which are necessary for healthy cell production + skin regeneration, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil: hydrating, contains high levels of vitamins (A,C,D,E, + K), antioxidants + omega fatty acids which assist with fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, + cellular regrowth, brightens skin, increases skin’s firmness

Organic Cucumber Seed Oil: high amounts of omega 6, has cooling + soothing properties, improves skin texture + tone, rich in minerals + vitamins A + C

Helichrysum: reduces swelling, promotes healing through tissue regeneration, anti-bacterial, helps fade scars, reduces scar tissue, calming + soothing properties, anti-inflammatory, hydrating

Organic Green Coffee: Super anti-aging, improves the strength, resilience, and elasticity of the skin, improves collagen production, anti-inflammatory, restores moisture + hydration for the appearance of brighter looking skin, antioxidant

Organic Green Tea: powerful antioxidant to ward of signs of aging, can reactivate skin cells that are dying due to poor lifestyle habits, exposure to sun, + pollution, inhibits the enzymes that break down collagen + elastin, contains vitamin K which battles against dark circles + puffy eyes, soothing properties

Organic Lavender EO: the magic of lavender being an adaptogen is it knows when to calm and when to uplift. The tension ebbs away and greater spiritual energy courses through all the subtle bodies enabling greater aspects of self to manifest into reality. It helps relax the body + adapt to stress, relaxes muscle tension, regenerates skin cells, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, calms the nervous system, helps fight acne + skin irritation, improves blood circulation, an excellent EO for the sensitive skin.

Frankincense EO: awakens Spiritual purpose in a person by helping to still the conscious mind, prevents and reduces wrinkles, speeds up the healing of wounds, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, brings radiance to skin

Organic Sweet Orange EO: an overall excellent skin tonic to support clear skin, detoxifying, uplifting + worry-reducing properties, antispasmodic (relaxes muscular + nervous spasms), anti-inflammatory, anti-septic

Amayris EO: The word amyris suggests “amour” or love. It helps you to love yourself. Amyris also helps you recognize the preconceived judgements held + validated by the collective consciousness. Antiseptic, decongestant, emollient.

Organic Rosewood EO: bring an energetic balance to the male + female aspects of self, brings you to the essence of who you really are. mild, sweet, spicy, + floral aroma drives away sadness + depression, mild analgesic, aphrodisiac, keeps your brain active, sharp, + alert, stimulating components, supports acne, dermatitis, wrinkles, used to reduce the onset of pimples + blackheads by controlling the amount of sebum secreted

Organic Geranium EO: anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, helps unclog pores, improves circulation, relieves stress + depression, astringent, muscle toner, speeds up healing process, cell growth supporter

Organic Sunflower Lecithin: rich in Vitamin E which helps delay the aging process of the skin, deeply hydrating, antioxidant, stimulates the appearance of collagen in skin so that face looks more rejuvenated + bright

Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract: nourishes + protects skin, rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, + E, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, super cleansing