Cherdi Kalaa

Sacred Feminine Rising

This Intensive 4-day workshop is experiential, in a small intimate setting.
We will dismantle unwind and heal the ancient wound of the feminine.
Awaken the sleeping Sacred Feminine, through the Sacred Space of the Heart.
Coming out of living life from our wounds and into creating life from wholeness.
We will spend time awakening our multisensory abilities while working with the five elements.
Learn to use kundalini energy to pierce through the heart and the eye of the needle,
bridging the gap between the head and the heart.
This is how we co-create a spirt driven life from the wholeness of the Sacred Feminine Rising



move . heal . release 

kundalini yoga . meditate 

love . laugh . harmonize

come out of your monkey mind

awaken the sacred space of the heart

ignite the tantra of your heart

connect with mother nature & father cosmos

get in the flow of spirit . discover your magic 

become a deeply empowered woman 

live a sacred beautiful life

Energy exchange: $777.00

March 16th - 19th 2018 , Friday – Monday, 10 am - 6:30 ish

lunch and snacks provide: organic . vegetarian . protein(chicken) . gluten free.


A Basic Itinerary of the 4 days of transformation

Friday: learn about & experience your beams of light that create your halo, the ways of consciously accessing the sacred space of the heart and how to co-create your life by igniting the tantra of the heart, creating/manifesting a life out of the confines of duality and why this is so important. We will awaken your magic through the sacred space of the heart & how to hold others in your sacred space for healing & for the truth of who you really are for personal & planetary transformation .

Saturday: Dismantling & healing the DNA of the wounded feminine, we will discover how she uniquely operates & manifests in each of us as she can not be ignored or meditated away she must be meet and honored.This will be done in the most heartful sacred way. This piece is vitally important and so beautiful to witness. 

Sunday: The awakening of the Sacred Feminine! in all her glory she will arise from each in her unique expression. We will spend a day relishing in her, anointing her and love her into being.

Monday: We will bring all this together in the awakening of the Sacred Feminine Through the sacred space of the heart & the awakening of your multisensory being. There will be time spent with Mother Nature connecting to the 5 elements and grounding & integration into the body all that has been brought forth over the days prior.    

My Goal For you is to leave empowered so deeply that you need no one to "tell" you who you are or reflect back your greatness as you will leave feeling it and knowing it and in no need of validation of it!

My Goal for you is to no longer seek out "Life Coaching" or "Guidance" as your heart is your personal navigation system that is your birth right to know how to access & use, to live a life of abundance, health and love from your heart with in the laws of the universal truths.



From the heart of Narayan,

I have a hunger to see the women of planet earth so empowered nothing can shake them, I have a hunger to spend time in sisterhood laughing loving and creating a new earth based on love truth beauty trust harmony and peace. Yes we are here at this time to birth into existence a new earth where love is the governing agent. 

As the creator and facilitator of the workshop I am bringing to you 35 years of working with women from all walks, the homeless to the celebrated and so much in between, working in a multitude of environments from beauty salons and spas, to wellness centers and yoga studios, currently my sweet magical location tucked away in Ojai CA, the Valley of the Moon, where I hold space for healing session of Faceology & Holistic Integrative Healing, both are healing modalities I have Co~Created, along with a Magical Apothecary of beauty blends.  

With 55 go's around the sun, my personal journey into the Heart, a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening 20 years ago, and the magical trip of integration, the constant hunger for the discovery of what is true with in the human condition and the Healing Arts, along with the understanding and love of Alchemy and my deep passion for empowering women is at the core of this workshop. This I know is true, all women carry a deep wound that goes much further back than your personal ancestry, this wound lies in the DNA and it is not your fault. I work from a knowing that everything is an energy, frequency and vibration including this wound. Through a very simple process we can go in and dismantle this pieces of DNA, this wound manifests in each of us in its own unique yet very similar way. As a small circle of women in this workshop we will learn to witness without judgment and hold a deep heart space while each person dismantles this piece of DNA and then awaken to the true authentic heartful magically empowered sacred feminine that we all are here to live from.


I created this workshop out of a need, I saw the circle's gathering and attended many myself, I saw and experienced how women were attempting to create a sisterhood and falling short, for numerous reasons, many leaving circles and becoming solo practitioners so to speak, I myself being one of them. As I sat back, watching and listening to guidance it was clear to me that circles were being formed based on wounds and so we were stewing in our woundedness. Many of us have spent many many years (myself included) digging deep in attempts to heal this wound and again falling short and glossing it over with new age lingo only to be stewing under neath it all. In my healing practice of HIH I have come to learn that this is simply a wound stored in the DNA and through "team light " guidance of this work I have learned how to dismantle DNA wounds. The results, well simply put, life changing     

I am so excited for you to take this journey, allowing me to be your guide.

Best & Bless


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