• NARAYAN+OLOGY~ Rose Quartz Facial Tool & Maps
  • NARAYAN+OLOGY~ Rose Quartz Facial Tool & Maps
  • NARAYAN+OLOGY~ Rose Quartz Facial Tool & Maps

NARAYAN+OLOGY~ Rose Quartz Facial Tool & Maps




Relax Into Your Radiance

An at home sacred beauty ritual for you to feel into the beauty that you are!

I am so excited to share with you a tool I have been using for a couple years now. I designed and created this Rose Quartz NARAYAN+ology Facial Tool along with 2 sets of maps, to give your self an at home experience of facial reflexology and massage. A deep facial rejuvenation and whole body healing via the face. 

The solid piece of rose quartz triple sphere shape while being hand crafted is aerodynamically designed to gently yet deeply glide across the face and stimulate pressures points along with lifting & sculpting from the neck on up, while also stimulating a sluggish lymphatic system, to aid in decongesting acne prone skin and for overall lymphatic health. Don't be afraid to give it a glide across your entire body as well. 

Rose Quartz is known for its soothing of the nervous system, a calming of the mind so the heart can open, when the heart opens your face and entire being glows from the inside out.

We have the capacity to heal our body through the face as there are hundreds of pressure points that correlate to all parts mind body spirit. The benefits are numerous along with lifting sculpting and relaxing of tension and emotions stored in the face, to bring about a glowing vibrant face and being. 

Excellent for all skin types, including acne prone and rosacea. 

In this kit you will find:
  • Rose Quartz triple sphere tool, a hand crafted sold piece of rose quartz. 
  • NEW... Organic cotton pouch with some high vibe gold metallic print (new pic coming soon)
  • 2 sets of maps, 10 maps in each set, a lift & sculpt & working the chakras via the face, how to work with the triple sphere tool
  • The Faceology Meditation
  • Micro Fiber Polish Cloth
  • A card with the benefits of Rose Quartz and the care of your tool
  • Your Choice of a 1/2 oz. Supermoon serum or RoseGold Moon serum(see individual product description for full ingredients and benefits)


In choosing a serum rosegold moon is for the more sensitive skin type

**this kit is not available for any discounts or sales**

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